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Speech-Language Pathology

Our ability to communicate is a prized possession. Human nature being what it is, we tend to overlook its importance in our lives until communication is hampered or taken away from us. Speech-Language Pathologists improve or restore communication skills in people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. In addition to assisting with communication skills, Speech-Language Pathologists work with swallowing, eating disorders and neurological problems as well. The complexity of communication means
the disorders associated with it vary widely. For example, during the course of their work, Speech-Language Pathologists might evaluate and assist clients with:

  • stuttering- interruption of the flow or rhythm of speech
  • voice disorders-inappropriate pitch, loudness or quality
  • delayed language-slowness in the development of vocabulary and grammar
  • dysphagia-difficulty in swallowing
  • cognitive retraining-restoring or compensating for skills affected by a head injury
  • esophageal speech-speech style necessitated by a laryngectomy

In addition, Speech-Language Pathologists play a vital role in treating people who, due to neurological diseases, face a progressive loss of mental faculties affecting their memory, orientation to time, place and people, and organization of thought processes. Since damage to any component of the communication system is serious - affecting learning, working and social interaction- the Speech-Language Pathologist at North Ottawa is a crucial member of the team.

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